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Biomedical Campus Cycle Hub

Beryl Burton mural at Woodrup Cycles, Leeds

A bike locked to a squint signpost in Great Western Road.

A parking stand and hangar at this end of Woodlands Drive.

A bike missing a wheel locked in Woodlands Drive.

Bike hangars in Woodlands Drive.

Cycle parking in Woodlands Drive, with an abandoned frame.

Milngavie left, City Centre right. Good luck spotting this route sign!

Abandoned lock tags added by Cambridge City Council. To avoid the locks being cut and taken away the owner should remove the tags by the given date.

[Date image taken: Unknown] Marmalade Lane (between Graham Road, Starr End and Topper Street, Cambridge). Cambridge Cohousing at Marmalade Lane, Orchard Park host a Babboe Curve electric cargo trike for use on a membership basis by resident ... [more]

“None shall pass”

New bike parking shelter with pump and tools available. Very hot in there when the sun's shining

A new train between Braşov and Bucureşti (Bucharest), Romania - awkward vertical hanging spaces for bikes, doubling as space for skis in winter.

Because it's Cambridge....

A toilet/kitchen container/trailer has been placed on double yellow lines near the bollards on Water Street. The object seriously obstructs visibility at the junction, creating a hazard, particularly for cyclists and pedestrians.

[Image taken 25.6.22] Lidl, James Street, York. [Note: No street view at this location.] Cycle parking supports other active travel modes too. See also: #183669 and #182299. Other images today and links: #183747.

[Image taken 25.6.22] Waitrose, Foss Islands Road, York. Context and links: #183754.

[Image taken 25.6.22] Waitrose, Foss Islands Road, York. Showing that you load a cycle from the side (see also: #183755) and the importance of the parking being on level ground - compare with: #179500. Other image here today and links: #183 ... [more]

[Image taken 25.6.22] Waitrose, Foss Islands Road, York. Other image here today and links: #183752. Showing how convenient and easy it is to get and return a trolley if you are using the cycle parking. This proximity means you don't leave a ... [more]

[Image taken 25.6.22] Waitrose, Foss Islands Road, York. Context: #182861. Two cycles on the new racks today when we arrived. But people are finding them: #183755 despite there being no signage here or at the entrance to the site. Other ima ... [more]

[Image taken 25.6.22] Rowntree Wharf, Navigation Road, York. Context and links: #183750.

[Image taken 25.6.22] Rowntree Wharf, Navigation Road, York. The slotted drain cover has been replaced with one buggy, cycle, scooter, wheelchair wheels can't get trapped in. Context: #182120. Other image here today: #183751. Other images a ... [more]

[Image taken 25.6.22] York Other image of the e-cargo cycle here today and links: #183747. Extreme case of lock sharing. Two very small red cycles, a larger but still likely a youngster's cycle, and adult rig and the Babboe (e-cargo cycle) ... [more]

[Image taken 25.6.22] Deangate, York. [NOTE: street view might not show the racks. They get moved.] A second 'York' cycle on the wider than usual space at the end of the second set of Sheffields here today. See also: #183748 and links.

[Image taken 25.6.22] Deangate, York. [Image taken 25.6.22] Deangate, York. [NOTE: street view might not show the racks. They get moved.] The racks here were damaged (see: #177335). They have not been repaired (or protected - I see blue bad ... [more]

[Image taken 26.6.22] Tesco, Clifton Moor, York. Lock sharing. Rack sharing. The space between the supports of this toastrack (linked) Sheffield rack is too limited even to get a tiny bike in the same space as an adult's cycle. The routes a ... [more]

[Image taken 26.6.22] B&Q, Rawcliffe/Clifton Moor, York. Signage for motorists. Including the existence of a car park. The provision of parking for customers arriving in motor vehicles can be taken as a given at out of town/edge of town ret ... [more]

[Image taken 26.6.22] B&Q, Rawcliffe/Clifton Moor, York. More clear notices - about the trolleys. Next stop, signage at and to the cycle parking? The cycle is where people who wished to park near the entrance, close to the trolleys and also ... [more]

[Image taken 26.6.22] B&Q, Rawcliffe/Clifton Moor, York. Signage has appeared on the walls facing the disabled car parking spaces - in addition to the clear logos and blue paint in the bays. I hope signage 'to' and at the cycle parking will ... [more]

[Image taken 26.6.22] B&Q, Rawcliffe/Clifton Moor, York. Still no signage stating this is cycle parking. (Subtext: Do not leave trolleys here.) My cycling partner moved a trolley in case someone on a cycle arrived after us and needed to use ... [more]

[Image taken 26.6.22] Manor Lane, junction with Manor Park Road, York. A fallen temporary works sign is a hazard - barely visible, And the cone couldn't be seen until you got this close. (I moved both off the road/avoiding the pavement.) Th ... [more]

[Image taken 26.6.22] Currys, Rawcliffe/Clifton Moor, York. I took the image to illustrate that for cycle parking to be useful and used, it has to be near the destination. Not least at a location people will have luggage - cycle baggage is ... [more]

[Image taken 3.6.22] Terminus of the rail line at Fiumicino airport, Rome. The 0921 departure from Roma Trastevere to Fiumicino Aeroporto. Not only does this train carry cycles but you can recharge them if they are e-bikes too. The person w ... [more]

Abandoned bike Reported at: Tyres flat and covered in cobwebs, but otherwise looks all there.

Old exclusionary barriers on the tunnel where the former A14 separates the southern part of Fenstanton from the rest of the village

Recent bollards installed for Cambridgeshire County Council don't have those nasty protruding handles

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The 12 most recently modified photos

[UPDATE 29.6.22 CYC replied: "The current status of your report is: closed. The problem has been inspected and no follow up work is required."] [Image taken 21.6.22] Bootham, York. Third section of tarmac damage. This time outside North Sou ... [more]

Artwork in public realm

Usage of the Grand Arcade Cycle Park is now pretty high and it's clear that a shortage of spaces is now developing.

Usage of the Grand Arcade Cycle Park is now pretty high and it's clear that a shortage of spaces is now developing.

Narrow bridge. I grew up near here and we all cycled to our summer jobs - but I'd never seen a lycra-clad cyclist here until yesterday. [update 2022 - since the launch of the CTC's West Kernow Way this year we're seeing a lot of bike-pac ... [more]

[Image taken 25.1.22] Rail station, York. [Note: No street view at this location.] This cycle caught my eye as I pedalled past. It was still on the top layer of the two-storey storage racks (see: #170490) but… the person approaching it ha ... [more]

[Image taken 29.4.22] Tesco, Clifton Moor, York. This mobility scooter tucks neatly into a Sheffield rack. The user has to be able to get in and out and may not be able to push it in further. Or perhaps the link rails (also an issue for cyc ... [more]

[Image taken 21.6.22] Deangate, York. [NOTE: The location is approximate.] The buggy seems to be parked independently of the cycle. They are not sharing a lock. There does not seem to be an attachment on either. I conclude they are not rela ... [more]

[Image taken 25.5.22] Waitrose, Foss Islands Road, York. Note how close the trolley parking is: easy to access even with bulky difficult-to-carry cycle luggage, and easy to return the cart without leaving your shopping unattended (compare w ... [more]

[UPDATE: #183750] [Image taken 19.5.22] Rowntree Wharf, Navigation Road, York. Context: #182120. CYC knocked my first report back. I will re-report it. My tyres are quite wide but my wheel got noticeably ‘held’ when I wheeled it into on ... [more]

[Image from 25.6.22: #183747] UPDATE: 31.1.22 I saw today the rack looks pristine again.] [Image taken 5.1.22] Deangate, York. Three bashed racks here now: previously it was "just" the one: #175253. These toastrack Sheffields are unprotecte ... [more]

[Image taken 23.10.21] Deangate, York. [NOTE: Streetview is not showing this set of toastracks.] The minimum recommended gap between uprights is 100cm. This is a shopping area and also has family groups who would share locks and therefore a ... [more]

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  • Icon 183775 Unsafe for walkers when the road is busy. Inter visibility is very poor. Anxious drivers do not notice pedestrians
  • Icon 183774 20mph speed limits to enable active travel of all types.
  • Icon 183773 Popular tourist attraction needs a pedestrian crossing and a 20 mph speed limit.
  • Icon 183761 Motorists and cyclists can enter from five directions. This busy crossing could be made safer with clear markings indicating where pedestrians and cyclists should cross. Pedestrians, often with children, come to and from the popular Bede Park. There are also electric scooters, roller-skaters, skateboarders, and delivery cyclists. On the pavement outside the Western Pub there are stands for the electric hire bikes. Motorists are sometimes tempted to speed up or down the Wilberforce Road hill. It would be great to have measures to slow motorists down for this junction.
  • Icon 183734 Add Santander bikeshare near here please
  • Icon 183699 Christ Church should sell a bit of land to build a quiet cycle lane running parallel to Iffley Road
  • Icon 183692 Trees removed
  • Icon 183688 Build the cycle/pedestrian path from the Varsity development to the Mackworth Allotments. This will link the cycle paths through Ravensdale Park and Varsity with the NCN route into the city centre, Mackworth, University and Markeaton Park.
  • Icon 183677 Bike dock needed around the Hinckley Road shops local centre.
  • Icon 183662 Supposedly access only, but regularly used as a rat-run. Suggest a camera system for enforcement.
  • Icon 183661 Ride On Santander Cycles should ideally be expanded to Oadby & Wigston
  • Icon 183660 Ride On Santander Cycles should ideally be expanded to Oadby & Wigston

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